The Most Simple Way to Live Doorbells-Powerline Intercom System

Further to last article, below we list some proved power line modules, they are suitable for embedding for powerline intercom system:

Suitable Powerline intercom system modules: 7TM120/7LP120

7TM120 is a 200 Mbps PHY Rate powerline communication (Homeplug AV) module, featuring high integration, small size, stable operation and reliable performance. The standard size is 38×36.4x15mm (LxWxH), one end can be embedded into the indoor unit of access control, the other end can be embedded into the outdoor unit, and can even be directly embedded into the outdoor camera. The working voltage is DC12V, which is very convenient to take power.

7HP120 homeplug module embedded in powerline intercom system

7LP120 is a powerline communication module device more suitable for retrofitting old access control. It has an ultra-thin design with a thickness of up to 8mm. (In the case of the limited volume of the original access control), the ultra-thin and pin design has a thickness of up to 8mm. 8mm, suitable for PCB embedding in the small space of the original access control.

ethernet over dc power module on intercom board for powerline intercom system

In addition, 7LP120 supports PLC filtering, overcurrent and lightning protection, and customers can choose freely. 7LP120 also supports fault self-recovery function, which improves the reliability of product operation.

7LP120 powerline intercom system module side picture

Cons in the application of powerline intercom system:

Of course, the use of Powerline communication (PLC) products in the powerline intercom system also have some restrictions and requirements, mainly related to its technical characteristics. Because PLC uses high-frequency signals to transmit data, part of the frequency of switching power supply and PLC signal transmission frequency part overlap, so switching power supply,  voltage regulator and other electrical appliances may affect the transmission of signals. In addition, electrical appliances in the grid / Too many devices/long distance between modules/old quality wires, the non-standard overlapping of power lines, etc., will affect the signal transmission.

Therefore, before purchasing and installing the modules for powerline intercom system, you can communicate with the powerline communication module supplier about the use requirements. According to different specific needs, manufacturers choose models reasonably to meet the needs of users to the greatest extent.

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