An alternative transmission way where cannot be done by wireless, cabling or other methods.

Powerline Communication (PLC) Product

Its value is shown where it is difficult or expensive to install new signal cables on a site or when security systems need to be provided in short timescales, and where power cables are already in place.

What We Do-PLC Products

We utilise our knowledge and expertise within powerline communication industry to serve our customer group with self-developed high competitive power line communication(EoP) products, as well as odm/oem service.

The applications covers in residential, office, intelligent power grid management, mining, security monitor system, telecom, buildings, smart elevator, airports, new energy, automotive, itralogistics, intercom, fire, bulk material handling…

powerline adapter connect in home network

For Home/Office Network

Powerline network adapter kit to build up home network and extend it without extra configuration. All these are done by just plug on and pair automatically.

For Security Monitor System

Ethernet over Power (EoP)  network adapter for Security Networks allows security IP networks to run over mains cables.

Powerline application in Access Control Topology-1
embedding powerline module application

For Robot/Rov... Embedding

Embed powerline communication module (PCBA) into robot/rov/camera/elevator monitor device… for ethernet

Need to develop and manufacture customized solutions tailored for your project with got quality assured?

powerline customization

Powerline Communication Device Application

Home & Office

DIY to build up and extend home/office network via existing electrical lines, no new wires

Video Intercom

Carry smooth video IP streams inside the house  or buildings to secure the access control

Elevator Monitor

Carry video IP stream over trailing cables for multi-media transmission and security monitor

Security Surveillance

Make use of the ready cables to power and upgrade analogue cameras to IP cameras

Pipeline Robot

IP stream over DC power cable for patrol inspection robots to transmit stable images and video 

Underwater Rov

Create network between controller and under water rov , transmit over current DC power cable

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