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Powerline Communication Module For IoT

Powerline Communication (PLC) technology was originally targeted at providing broadband network service inside home over AC power line. Now, with fast growth of IoT, broadband PLC technology is extended to transmit via other media like phone lines, coax cables, DC power line or even plastic optical fibers for long range wired connectivity.

Powerline Communication Module (For IoT) Supports Various Media:

Embedding Power-Line Communication Module Fits Your Device

We empower our customers through market-proven communication technology, providing products that are already mature for shipping; 7inova developled various forms of HomePlug AV standards wired powerline modules, enable you to make use of the existing wiring for data/video transmission in a vast range of applications.

Ideal for a range of scenarios–security surveillance, smart grid, building automation, robotics, video intercoms, underwater UAV, smart elevator, etc.

powerline communication module for elevator video device


You need a built-in ethernet function for the lift diagnostic and monitor device?

powerline module for pipeline robotics


You need  to transmit the pipeline detection data detected by the remote robot to the near-end cable car?

powerline module for rov


You want to build a network between underwater equipment to control board for stable network data transmission?  

powerline module in intercom device


You want to leverage advanced IP technologies and innovative product design to optimize signal transmissions over IP networks?

Power Line Module With Front-End Interface For Ready To Use

We also developed other power line communication modules with bottom-plate and front-end ethernet port, these ready to use modules speed up the time to market of customer's new project.

Features & Benefits

Power Line Communication (PLC) Modules based on broadband PLC technologies are extended outdoor to applications like security surveillance, smart grid, building automation, robotics, etc.

Support Multiple Transmission Media

Carries data on AC or DC wires, as well as the two interfaces of twisted pair and coaxial cable are provided.

Advance Your Product's Time-To-Market

It can be put into work after the wiring is completed without setup, increase flexibility of product functionality.

Simple and Easy to Embed

Management configuration software makes it easy for network division; Modular design is easy for you to integrate.

Secure And Reliable To Use

Follow the IEEE 1901 and HomePlug AV standard, 128 bit AES encryption. CATV signal or wired broadcasting is not affected.

Good Complement To Ethernet & WIFI

It is a good complement to Ethernet and WIFI, achieving the purpose of hybrid networking and seamless networking.

For A Range Of Application Scenarios

EoP technology enables applications including but not limited to: Smart home, Robot, Monitoring, Medical equipment networking, etc.

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