Powerline Network Adapter For Security System

Its value is shown where it is difficult or expensive to install new signal cables on a site or when security systems need to be provided in short timescales, and where power cables are already in place.

The cabling cost is very high?

The application environment is too sophisticated to install new cabling?

You need to facilitate security system urgently in a short time…?

All these challenges can be perfectly solved by using ready-to-use powerline network adapter for security system. 

Our Security Powerline Network Solution enables Security IP systems to transmit network data/video communication over your existing mains electricity network, realizing Ethernet over Power (EoP). It is a cutting-edge revolution solution to the challenges of creating new signal cables, applied in the Security Cameras(CCTV) installation, Intercom, Access Control, Smart Elevator monitor, gates, barriers, Voice Alarm Systems, fire alarm system etc. 

Security Powerline Network Adapter

Advantages & Benefits

Ethernet over Power is utilised to send data signals over the electrical circuit and convert them back into Ethernet signals at the receiving end, integrate the local electricity infrastructure with the internet and the advanced IP Cameras.
Suitable For A Wide Range of Applications

Our powerline network technology is an ideal solution for various applications, including CCTV installation, access control, Intercoms, and public address systems.

Goodbye To Complex Installation & High Cost

EoP makes installation project convenient and efficient, where it is difficult or expensive to install new signal cables.

Deal With The Heavy Interference Issue

We design filters to co-work with powerline network adapters, minimising EMI interference and protecting against electrical surges.

Featured Security Powerline Network Adapter

Innovative powerline network solution to provide Power & Network for PoE Camera (802.3AT)

* Plug on and auto pair to transmit video/picture

* Offer 48-54V PoE OutPut for PoE IPC

*Offer another DC12V/1A output for optional

Disconnect other PLC equipment out of the group, enable multi-grouping without mutual interference

* Great Mate of security powerline network adapter.

*Enable multi-groups to work, break nodes infinement.

*Isolate interference and extend distance.

We list a few typologies and connecting ways of some models as examples:

short distance network method
*Single Group Networking Method For Short Distance Transmission

Connect one of our ethernet powerline adapter for CCTV (7HP200-R) to the display or NVR as a receiver, plug one 7HP200 into the power socket within the same power meter. They will pair automatically and run data/video communication over the mains instead of installing new signal cables.

**Multi-Group Networking Method For Long Distance Transmission

If you need more equipment (more than the allowed nodes number) to meet your needs, then you can arrange in multiple groups. That is to add an Ethernet switch, and then use grouping software to create multiple different groups. The group names cannot be the same, such as A, B, C, D, E…

That is, one of powerline filter 7ZX150 in group A is powered on and connected to the switch as a receiver, and the 7HP200 in group A are used as transmitters, which are connected to the same power line as the receiver. For the remaining groups, follow the same way. Different groups are not able to communicate between.

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