We provide powerline communication customization if signed the NRE agreement in place

Customers are proposed to buy our existing model sample (dowload catalogue) which is mostly relevant to his own request and test function before go into his own project. With sample verification, we go on proceeding design(based on clear acknowledging of all details), there is NRE cost assessment ( depends on design complexity ) for customer, with agreement, we will start the project and work out initial samples for approval. We offer technical support from demand confirmation to sample verification.


In-depth communication

Through in-depth communication with customer, know customer’s specific demands and application, define and confirm the complete specification.


Selection & Development

Designing ID, Hardware, software according to agreed specification, deliver complete prototype for validation.


Validate Prototype

Co-work with customer to validateprototype in their field application, address and solve the issues until fully validation.


Final Mass Production

Assist customer do locally required certify, successfully mass produce and deliver to formal use.

Powerline ODM/Customization With Got Quality Assured

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