What Are The Applications Of Power line Communication Devices?

Power line Communication Devices has a wide range applications. They are not just limited to apply in below listed scenarios actually. We listed them based on our customer’s actual application. We will keep updating the database and hope it can help you in your business solution. Welcome your coming application presentation for solution discussion.

Home/Company Broadband & Security

IPTV Delivery

Elevator Communication, Monitoring, Diagnostics, Intercom

Elevator Remote Control

Intelligent power grid management

Smart Meters

Industrial IoT Control


Smart Management of Urban Street Lights

Building IP Intercom Renovation

New Energy Technology

MDU Broadband


Underwater Robot (ROV)/Underwater Camera Video Transmission

Airport/Railways Transportation

Gas Stations

EV Chargers

Smart Lighting

Residential/Hospitality Internet Services

Surveillance Video Transmission

Underground Mines/Tunnel Pipeline

Port and Bulk Material Handling

Industry Automation

Fire Alarm System

Industrial Panel PC

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