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7inova provides power line communication devices——network transmission without cabling

Homeplug-Tech Supplier Based Power Line Communication Network Solution

Live your home and projects with plug-and-play power line communication products. Enjoy a strong and stable internet connection.

No New Wires

Make use of the electrical wiring for data transmission, enable internet without digging and cabling.

More Than For Home Use

Discover more applications in security industry and IoT for network transmission, not just only for home network.

Work Out Of Box

Require minimum tech-how to configure. Work out of box with plug on, pair automatically and work.

Expert Advice

Not very sure? No worry, we have expertised consultancy service, assist you with the suitable solution.

Why 7inova?

7inova has been focusing on doing one thing since 2011: Research and develop powerline network adapters and modules based on Homeplug AV standard initially.

Past and now, based on powerline technology, 7inova built up and expanded a complete powerline communication solution for niche market, ranges from IoT industrial to home DIY markets, serve to domestic and overseas B2B business.

7inova team insist on long terms improving and expanding production expertise, selection, quality, safety & compliance and supply chain.

General Questions

7inova has been focusing on doing one thing since 2011: Research and develop easy to use wireless & network devices based on powerline communication technology( Homeplug AV standard).

As a powerline module supplier and powerline adapter supplier, From past and now,  7inova has built up and expanded a complete product line for niche market, ranges from IoT industrial to home DIY markets, serve to domestic and overseas B2B business.

We have our own focus market, thus we make a differentiation in product type. Not only home market, we put more focus on industry application. 

To dig market in-depth, we are willing to invest in long-term capabilities to improve and expand production expertise, selection, quality, safety & compliance and supply chain. 


We cooperate with our customers in below patterns:


Private label/white label;


Welcome to contact our sales for details.

  • Application Scenario Analysis
  • Solution Providing
  • Product model
  • Customization and micro-customization
  • Product Installation Guide
  • After-sales upgrading and improvement
  • One-to-One technical support, troubleshooting
  • Products upgrades and iteration

Our Company

Create maximum value for our customers with products of the most possible affordable cost and reliable quality.

Always Tailored ODM service to Customer
‘Ease of Use’ & ‘Durability’
Quality Is Our Culture
Service Is Our Soul
Cost Competitive

What We Offer?

We offer one-stop innovative powerline communication network solution from design to production, make transmission easy.

We serve both consumer electronics market and industry market with main products from powerline modules to poweline bridge to ready use. 

IP camera Video Ethernet Coaxial Transmitter

Security System

An ideal alternative network transmission solution for surveillance scenarios where such as wireless and PoE cannot be covered. Our security system poweline network adapters will help you install CCTV projects in no time, solve network. power and interference issues. 

7HP500 passthrough powerline adapter


Build your stable broadband network with powerline network solution, With our wallmount powerline network adapters, you will be able to deploy and scale network in a blink of eyes, cable mess troubleshooting. Choose suitable wallmount or passthrough powerline ethernet adapters, support homeplug AV/AV2, QoS, IEEE1901, AES 128bit encryption.

7TM120 AV200 powerline module over dc

Fit in Device

Quickly on developing ethernet function with ethernet communication modules. You can select from different size, power and a variety of interfaces to embed or fast-use. Not only build for fast prototypes, also affordable for mass production with competitive cost advantage.

Customization With
In-depth Communication

Our rich industry experience will help you get tailored product

Case Studies

For Intercom


Why choose powerline intercom system to live doorbells?

Network Pains:

Intelligent access control system is inseparable from network support, at least between indoor unit and outdoor unit request network connection. Well, traditional network connection mainly relies on network cable transmission, such as CAT5E / CAT6 network cable, wireless WI-FI transmission, Bluetooth transmission, etc.

For Elevator


Elevator monitoring pains VS powerline communication solution.

Elevator Monitoring Pains:

The installation difficulty of the elevator video monitoring for the engineers is mainly due to the difficulty in wiring. Although the wireless bridge scheme commonly used in the market has solved the cabling problem, while the signal is unstable, it is easy to drop wires and lose packets. The effect is not ideal.

For Home DIY


Powerline ethernet adapters can be handy in residential and professional settings. Make use of your electrical line for internet

Benefits of Ethernet Powerline Technology

Ethernet Powerline technology is a highly efficient way to get internet connection minus the cost.

Do you know?

I recently wechat in a group, one friend is curious about my power line module image, asked what it is and what is it for? I guess many people know powerline adapters to diy home network, but they don't know they have far more applications than this. So how to make the most from the power line?

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