Homeplug AV Wallmount Powerline Adapter

Homeplug AV Wallmount Powerline Adapter is the ideal choice to build up home broadband network plug and play

7inova Homeplug AV Powerline adapters make it easy for you to build up a fast and reliable wired network with your home’s existing electrical lines, access internet without cabling.

7inova homeplug powerline range could reach up to  300m over  electrical lines, works out of box with plug and play. You can connect up to eight 7inova homeplug ethernet adapters on a single powerline network.

Homeplug adapters allow you to build up powerline network by using the electrical sockets in your home with a pair of powerline adapters to start. Connect one homeplug adapter to an electrical socket and link it to your router or network. Connect another  adapter to a different electrical socket (on the same circuit) and link it to the device you need to go online, such as a computer, smart TV, game console, or other internet-capable devices.

To extend network, just plug more 7inova ethernet or WiFi homeplug adapters on from any power oulet to add connection.

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