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“Seems work good at the moment and very stable. Stable is very important!

Business Cooperating for more than 9 years. “

CEO, Poseidon

Lean Production


Quality comes from production rather than from inspection

Factory pursues the rationality and efficiency of production through reasonable, effective arrangements for production planning, inventory management, so as to achieve lean production.

1. Improve the first pass rate of products/reduce rework/reduce waste.
2. Stable production line(increased machine OEE and productivity).
3. Manpower saving/inventory/morale increase.
4. Shorten delivery time.

Total Quality Management

Quality comes from production rather than from inspection, and the final quality is guaranteed by quality management in the production process. 

The quality inspection and control are carried out in every production process. Our factory puts the emphasis on cultivating the quality awareness of each employee, paying attention to quality inspection and control during each process to ensure timely detect quality problems.

If a quality problem is found during the production process, according to the situation, the production could be stopped immediately until the problem is solved to ensure no invalid processing.

The related technical and production manager are usually organized as a team to work together to resolve them as soon as possible.

QA team discuss to find out the problem — Engineer team root the problem, check and discuss the solution — Production team check and record the result according to the solution — The product is qualified.


  • Quality Objective:Product Pass Rate:>99%   
  • Timely Delivery Rate:>98% 
  • Customer Complaint Rate:<1% 
  • Customer Satisfaction Rate:>98% 

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Full Equipped

ASM bonding machines, Full automatic SMT machine, Semi-auto solder paste printing machines, Auto pick-and-place machines, Reflow solder ovens, Lead free wave soldering machine, CNC Fixture Machine, AOI Machine, X-Ray Inspection Machine, Insertion assembly lines with ICT auto testers and ect.


Train and Practice

Training courses provide workers adequate skills, over 75% of them are multifunctional personnel to ensure the things smooth and improve work efficiency.


Test To Ensure

We established a series of environmental and durability tests to ensure finished products as well as components are functioning as expected under normal and extreme conditions. 

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