Do you know- How to make the most from the power line?

How to make the most from the power line?

I recently wechat in a group, one friend is curious about my power line module image, asked what it is and what is it for. I explained: It is a kind of embedded module, make use of power line carrier communication technology, realize network transmission for such as underwater drone, intercom, security camera ect.

Friend still didn’t quite understand what it is and what it is for. I recognized that powerline carrier technology is still not introduced to most common people. How to make them easily understand why need to use powerline?

Simply put, power line carrier solution is an optional network transmission way where wireless or ethernet cable, fiber are not suitable to use.

For example, underwater drone, underwater camera, they need to do image transmission, but it is not convenient to use cables or wireless under water, right? In this case, powerline is a very ideal choice.

Unlike powerline adapters in home, which are plugged into mains directly, the module form powerline modules are designed to embed into main device, they work under power supply of AC/DC Voltage from main device (Tether board, elevator control board, camera ect) , pair and work plug and play, transfer network signal over the AC/DC power line.

It will be better If I could send some pictures for illustration later. Anyway, For engineers, he will understand the work way better than me. : )

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