7ZX150-AV500 Ethernet Powerline Adapter with Filter Isolator

7ZX150-AV500 Ethernet Powerline Adapter With Filter Isolator

AV500, with filter isolation function; Support multiple groups of PLCs to work online at the same time in the same power grid.


7ZX150-500Mbps ethernet powerline adapter with filter isolator, its main chipset adopts Atheros design, built-in signal filter isolation module. It has the characteristics of high integration, dedicated line transmission, disconnection with other PLC equipment outside this group, no mutual interference, etc. The outer box has an IP65 protection level, can provide up to 500Mbps powerline transmission rate, stable and with reliable performance.

After the input power is filtered, 7ZX150 effectively isolates the harmful noise in the carrier frequency range of the power grid, so that the PLC carrier device can achieve a transmission effect similar to that of a dedicated line in a relatively clean environment. Hence it improves the anti-interference ability of the product, and also achieve the purpose of increasing the transmission distance.

7ZX150 filter-isolated powerline transmitter is our standard product for delivery. After filtering, the output current of the power supply is 1A (the output power is about 250W). It can also be customized if a larger current is required.

The main interface of the 7ZX150 is: AC220V input plug, AC220V output socket (waterproof), RJ45 network signal socket (waterproof)



*Each group can support up to 14 nodes; it can support multiple groups of PLCs in the same power grid to work online at the same time;

*Supports 200W AC power output, meanwhile it isolates the load’s interference to the PLC transmission signal;

*Support IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u, standards;

*Support HomePlug AV;

*Transmit data through the existing power line, providing a transmission rate of up to 500Mbps;

*10/100Mbps adaptive Ethernet interface;

*Support 300m transmission distance (within the same group of PLC);

*Support 128-bit AES encryption to ensure the security of network data transmission;

*Support any operating system, including Mac, Linux;

*The outer box has IP65 dustproof and waterproof protection grade


Hardware Parameters
Model 7ZX150
Protocol/Standards HomePlug AV,IEEE 802.3,IEEE 802.3u
Communicate Protocol TCP/IP,IGMP,CSMA/CA,QoS
Modulation OFDM (1024/256/64/16-QAM,QPSK,BPSK,ROBO Modulation)
Frequency 2-68MHz
Transmission Rate(PHY) 500Mbps
Interface AC interface, Ethernet interface, PLC filter interface
Operating System Windows 98SE/ME/2000/2003/XP/Vista/Windows7/10,Linux,Mac OS
Transmission Distance 300m(Within the same group of PLC)
Coverage 5000 Square Feet
Security 128-bit AES Encryption
Work Voltage/Currency AC-220V-1A
Power Normal≤200W
Size 182×80.75×23.35mm(LxWxH)
Weight 200g
Working Temperature 0℃~70℃
Storage Temperature -20℃~70℃
Working Humidity 10%~90%RH(Non-Condensing)
Storage Humidity 5%~90%RH (Non-Condensing)


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