7TM150 AV500 Powerline Communication Module

Homeplug IEEE1901 support max 14 nodes, DC12V powered; 10/100Mbps Ethernet pin design

2-line wired secure, high speed, compact and easy integration

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The 7TM150 AV500 powerline communication module adopts Atheros design as the main chipset. It has the characteristics of high integration and small size. It can provide up to 500Mbps powerline transmission rate, stable operation and reliable performance.

7TM150 powerline communication module provides users with AC/DC power interface, PLC filter interface, general GPIO interface, working status indication interface and network interface.



1.Elevator Monitor & Diganosing

2.Security Monitoring

3.Access Controller

4.Underwater Robot





*Support up to 14 nodes;

*Support IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u, standard;

*Support HomePlug AV;

*Data transmission through the existing power line, providing up to 500Mbps transmission rate;

*10 /100Mbp adaptive Ethernet interface;

*Support 300m transmission distance (within the same meter);

*Support 128-bit AES encryption to ensure the security of network data transmission;

*Support any operating system, including Mac, Linux;

*Flexible application of GPIO interface;

*Support two connection methods: stamp hole and pin


Hardware Specification
Model Number 7TM150
Standard HomePlug AV,IEEE 802.3,IEEE 802.3u
Modulation OFDM (1024/256/64/16-QAM,QPSK,BPSK和ROBO Modulation)
Frequency Band 2-68MHz
Speed(PHY) 500Mbps
Interface AC Interface, Ethernet Interface, GPIO Interface, PLC filter Interface
LED Indicator Power,Data,LAN
OS Windows 98SE/ME/2000/2003/XP/Vista,Windows7,Linux,Mac OS
Transmission Distance 300meters(The same Power Meter)
Coverage 5000 Square Inches
Security 128-bit AES Encryption
Working Voltage DC-12V-0.8A
Consumption Normal≤1.5W
Size 38x38x20mm(LxWxH)
Weight 18g
Working Temperature 0℃~70℃
Storage Temperature -20℃~70℃
Working Humidity 10%~90%RH Non-Condensing
Storage Humidity 5%~90%RH Non-Condensing



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