7HT120-AV200 Ethernet Over Twisted-Pair (UTP) Adapter/Extender

7HT120-AV200 Ethernet over Twisted-Pair (UTP) Adapter/Extender

DC 12V input, 600m transmission distance over Twisted-Pair(UTP)Cable, Twisted Pair &RJ5 interface, aluminum enclosure


7HT120 is an Ethernet over Twisted-Pair (UTP) Adapter/Extender, transmits HD videos and high-speed data signals, transfers IP HD network signals over all kinds of twisted-pair cables. (UTP/STP/2-Wire/Ethernet cable).

7HT120 integrates twisted-pair interface and RJ45 connector, completely plug & play, doesn’t need IP address or any special installation requirement. It is very suitable for the alteration and extension projects in which cable cannot be newly added or cable is hard to be newly added.


*Support multi-node networking at most 8 terminal devices.

*Support 720P, 960P and 1080P HD IP network cameras.

*Ethernet extension over twisted-pair (UTP) cables with maximum transmission distance up to 600meters.

*AV200 Powerline spec with plug and play.

*128-bit AES encryption.

*Low power consumption.

*Side industry Interface: TP interface *1 and a RJ45 connector*.

*10/100/Base-T Ethernet on RJ45 with auto-negotiation.



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