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HomePlug powerline adapters extends your home network’s reach and connectivity by using your existing electrical wiring. They are small devices that usually come in a pair of two for you to access internet without cabling.

Scenarios 1

When you need to access internet for garage, while it is far from home’s router to get steady signal, you can plug a powerline adapter to extend the coverage.

Scenarios 2

When you want to add new spot for internet, while it is difficult to cable, or there is a thick wall barrier your wifi, powerline adapters can solve these headaches easily.

Powerline Adapter For Home&Office Network

Easy to DIY

DIY smart home network in just a minute. No messy wires or digging, keep home neat and save expensive labor

Work Out Of Box

No Tech Know-How, no configuration, all are done via plug and play, Save time for things that really matter.

Add-On At Ease

Want to expand the network? Easy! Plug more units on and they pair and work automatically

Bulild Up Network In A Blink

1. Connect one powerline adapter to your wall socket near your modem/router with a short Ethernet cable;

2.Plug for example, the powerline plug near your smart TV, run an Ethernet cable between the two.

Now, you can enjoy the internet now!

Extend Network Range with Add-on

Add more units by plugging to socket where you want, connect with device with ethernet cable, wait them to pair in seconds.


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