Power line transmitter solves IPC image processing

We think every good product is worth redoing! Hence this year we spent much time optimizing one of our Security Three Swordsmen: 7HP200.

Do you know powerline is a very good solution for Safety, IP intercom, elevator communication? And you can’t miss below:

PLC+DC 12V/2A( Power Supply) Network Transmitter– Special Design for IPC *upgraded version  *plug&play    *Security Monitoring,video signal transmission via PLC network

7HP200-2 Main
7HP200 new model


#DC12V 2A (power supply) output

#AV500 powerline high data rate , lower latency

#5*9.5cm compact size, space saving

#Pair and work with PoE PLC/PLC isolator together


1. No extra cabling, save labor and time for your project.

2. Work plug&play; No need to do any setup.

3. Up to 300meters transmit distance, as stable as wired communication.

4. 0 packet loss, more econonmical, thoroughly defeat wireless bridge solution.

7inova: An Ethernet Powerline Adapter Factory that meets your requirements.

A reliable powerline adapter created by a trusted Ethernet Powerline Adapter Factory like 7inova is a great option in contrast to running in-wall Ethernet links or depending on unreliable WiFi. A powerline adapter can transmit data over your devices and networks very much like it would over Ethernet links.

Any equipment and set up like a home theater or other gadgets can seamlessly interface with a powerline adaptor utilizing an ethernet link, over your home’s electrical or to a second powerline adapter connected to another area.

It is associated with your switch utilizing an Ethernet link. Interfacing your streaming gadgets and switching to powerline adaptors is practically similar to connecting them utilizing ethernet links. With the expanded number and utilization of gadgets that can interface and move digital media across devices in a home or office, utilizing a customary wired Ethernet network to get to data and documents all through the space can be full of hassles.

Powerline adaptors can be beneficial to use in many ways

In cases like this, powerline adaptors can be the perfect answer as long as you are aware of their benefits and restrictions as well as the added security it provides. Wi-Fi is very helpful, but it unquestionably has its deficiencies. Even though powerline adaptors have so many features, they also offer unwavering quality that wireless technology still can’t compare with. Powerline adaptors work depending upon the electrical wiring in your home.

A powerline adaptor can send information over your current electrical wiring very much as it would over Ethernet links – all you want is an electrical plug. It is not difficult to set up a powerline adapter by 7inova, Ethernet links, and no less than two powerline adapters (PLC). One of the adapter must be connected to the electrical plug closest to your router and interface with it utilizing an Ethernet link.

Utilize different adaptors for every gadget you need to connect. The main component that you must consider while buying a powerline connector is its speed. Powerline adaptors are prone to less data loss and stable transmission over normal Wi-Fi. Powerline adaptors use your home’s electrical wiring to move data.

Powerline units can additionally be password secured, adding a layer of protection. Powerline units are great for enormous spaces with numerous floors. Many would select Wi-Fi extenders at this point, but powerline adaptors can provide a better network through thick floors and walls. Much of the time, powerline connectors offer a speed identical to that of Ethernet links, so it’s more dependable than WiFi. Furthermore, powerline adaptors are turning out to be increasingly cost-efficient, so they’re a superb choice for individuals who want to experience the advantages of a wired network without managing links. 7inova offers ODM powerline modules, ready-to-use devices, and home-use powerline adaptors.

Do you know- How to make the most from the power line?

I recently wechat in a group, one friend is curious about my power line module image, asked what it is and what is it for. I explained: It is a kind of embedded module, make use of power line carrier communication technology, realize network transmission for such as underwater drone, intercom, security camera ect.

Friend still didn’t quite understand what it is and what it is for. I recognized that powerline carrier technology is still not introduced to most  common people. How to make them easily understand why need to use powerline?

Simply put, power line carrier solution is an optional network transmission way where wireless or ethernet cable, fiber are not suitable to use.

For example, underwater drone, underwater camera, they need to do image transmission, but it is not convenient to use cables or wireless under water, right? In this case, powerline is a very ideal choice.

Unlike powerline adapters in home, which are plugged into mains directly, the module form powerline modules are designed to embed into main device, they work under power supply of AC/DC Voltage from main device (Tether board, elevator control board, camera ect) , pair and work plug and play, transfer network signal over the AC/DC power line.

It will be better If I could send some pictures for illustration later. Anyway, For engineers, he will understand the work way better than me. : )

7inova Technology product

Ethernet adapters can be handy in residential and professional settings

With increased dependability on systems and networks, it is almost impossible to work without a fast home network. It is growing in importance every day and even though wifi is one of the most popular ways to obtain this, it too can sometimes fail. If you are looking for something that solves the transmission problem that cannot be reached by wireless, network cable, or other methods, a powerline ethernet adapter is an answer.

It is a quick and easy way to instantly build and extend network in your home. All you have to do is add the adapters in the places where you would like to access internet and you are all set. 7inova offers a wide range of powerline modules, ready-to-use devices, and home-use powerline adapters that you can choose from. These products can be used to gain access to a stable network that reaches all areas you want it to.

In many cases, Wi-Fi can often leave you with unreliable coverage no matter how fast its speed is. This is the problem that a powerline adapter can quickly solve. You can also choose to place ethernet cable drops in each room. A powerline adapter gives you easy access to use your home’s electrical wires to spread out your network. If there is a spot that the wifi doesn’t reach, adding an adapter will bypass any interference that is present and drastically improve the signal.

In some cases, it can also help you create a network that is much faster than Wi-Fi. While Ethernet cables offer much faster and more reliable networks, they often end up looking too shabby because of the multiple wires you would have to deal with. This is where a powerline ethernet adapter can prove to be useful. Ethernet adapters are currently revolutionizing the way you network.

They are a more flexible network option that is designed to extend coverage, cover all possible spots, and have a lot more features to explore. If you are on the lookout for ethernet adapters, modules, or any other product with broadband PLC technology, always remember to purchase it from a reliable powerline module manufacturer like 7inova.

7inova offers high-quality, cost-effective products for wired IoT and home DIY market

We focus on solving network transmission problems in specific application environments by making use of broadband PLC technologies. Our adapters are a consumer-friendly solution to increase internet speed and coverage. With 10 years+ accumulation, 7inova possesses expertise powerline product experience, built and expanded a rich powerline carrier communication (PLC) product line for niche market. We aim to provide users with smart network products that help them seamlessly get connected. You will never have to compromise with unreliable networks and devices or go through the hassles of fitting too many wires in your home when you choose an ethernet adapter. Know more about 7inova.

7HC120PCBA-AV200 Coaxial Communication Module (DC 12V)

AV200 Homeplug Via Coaxial Cable, DC 12V input, 2km Transmission Distance

AV200 Homeplug Via Coaxial Cable, DC 12V input, 2km Transmission Distance

The main chip of 7HC120 coaxial communication module adopts Atheros design. It has the characteristics of high integration and small size. It can provide up to 200Mbps power line transmission rate, stable work and reliable performance.

The 7HC120 power communication module provides users with DC power interface, PLC BNC/DC communication interface, general GPIO interface, working status indicator interface and network interface.

Category : Powerline


1. Support up to 8 nodes;

2. Support IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u, standards;

3. Support HomePlug AV; Data transmission through 75Ω coaxial cable, providing up to 200Mbps transmission rate;

4. 10/100Mbp adaptive Ethernet interface;

5. Support 1KM transmission distance;

6. Support 128-bit AES encryption to ensure the security of network data transmission;

7. Support any operating system, including Mac, Linux;

8. Support fault self-recovery

9. Flexible PLC interface:

(1) Support single BNC head 1 to 1 PLC access;

(2) Support dual BNC head 1 to 2 PLC access;

(3) Support single DC head 1 to multiple PLC access

Hardware Specification

Model Number7HC120-PCBA
StandardHomePlug AV,IEEE 802.3,IEEE 802.3u
ModulationOFDM (1024/256/64/16-QAM,QPSK,BPSK,ROBO Modulation)
Frequency Band2-28MHz
InterfaceDC/BNC Interface, Ethernet Interface
LED IndicatorPower,Data,LAN
OSWindows 98SE/ME/2000/2003/XP/Vista,Windows7,Linux,Mac OS
Transmission Distance300m(The same Power Meter)
Coverage5000 Square Inches
Security128-bit AES Encryption
Working VoltageDC-5-12V


Working Temperature0℃~70℃
Storage Temperature-20℃~70℃
Working Humidity10%~90%RH Non-Condensing
Storage Humidity5%~90%RH Non-Condensing
Chinese (Simplified)English