Wallmount Wireless Powerline Adapter
Powerline speed up to 200Mbps
Wireless speed up to 300Mbps
Customizable Plug: EU, US, UK, AU


  • HomePlug AV compliant and Co-existence with HomePlug 1.0 Nodes
  • Up to 200Mbps data rate on the power line
  • Support QAM 1024/256/64/16/8, QPSK, BPSK, and ROBO modulation schemes
  • 128-bit AES Link Encryption with key management for secure power line communications
  • Dynamic channel adaptation and channel estimation maximizes throughput in harsh channel conditions
  • TDMA and priority-based CSMA/CA channel access schemes maximize efficiency and throughput
  • Integrated Quality of Service (QoS) Enhancements: contention-free access, four-level priority based contention access,and multi segment bursting
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