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AC1200 Dual Band 2.4G/5G USB3.0 Wireless Adapter
Wireless Speed up to 1166Mbps
802.11AC, 2.4/5G Dual-Band, USB3.0


7WL1200 is a 1200Mbps wireless network card. It meets the newest wireless-11AC technology, which is the best technology available for wirelessly streaming HD videos across your network. It allows you to use 2.4GHz band check email, download files and browse the Internet; or use 5GHz band with family or friends to video chat, watch high-definition movies and online network cable game. With 300Mbps 2.4G and 867MB 5.4G speed, 7WL1200 can efficiently help to avoid signal interference and provide you with a more pure wireless environment for HD file streaming.

Simply insert the setup CD, run the software setup and plug the 7WL1200 into a USB port on your computer, and you’re ready to stream videos, share photos or music, print wirelessly, and transfer files from anywhere in your home.

With high speed USB3.0 interface, compatible with Windows xp/7/8, Vista 32/64 OS, 7WL1200 is very suitable for home user and SOHO to experience the true next generation internet speed.


  • - Support high speed USB3.0 interface; 300Mbps for 2.4G and 867Mbps for 5G
  • - Support 20MHz/40MHz/80MHz band.
  • - 5G meets 802.11AC standard and backward-compatible with 802.11a standard; 2.4G is backward-compatible with 802.11n/g/b standard
  • - With internal Omni-directional antennas and supports 64/128 bit WEP encrypt, support WPA/WPA2/802.1x encrypt
  • - Support WPS: PIN, PBC
  • - Support Multiple BSSID and QoS-WMM, WMM-PS
  • - Suport Infrastructure mode、Ad-Hoc mode and Soft AP mode

Wireless Standards

  • IEEE 802.11n;IEEE 802.11g ;IEEE 802.11b; IEEE 802.11ac; IEEE 802.11a

Signal Rate

  • 11b:1/2/5.5/11Mbps
  • 11g:6/9/12/18/24/36/48/54Mbps
  • 11n:up tp 300Mbps
  • 11ac:up to 867Mbps


  • 2.412 ~ 2.4835 GHz
  • 5.180~5.320GHz
  • 5.500~5.700GHz
  • 5.745~5.825GHz

Sales Channel

  • 1 ~ 14(2.4G)
  • 36 ~ 165 (5G)

Receive Sensitivity

  • 11n:-68dBm@130M;-68dBm@108M
  • 11g:-69dBm@54M
  • 11b:-85dBm@11M
  • 11ac:-59dBm@867M


  • Window 2000/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8Mac OS/Linux


  • USB 3.0


  • Link/Act

Wireless Security

  • WPA/WPA2/WPA-WPA2/802.1x
  • 64/128 bit WEP
  • WPS (PIN, PBC)


  • internal Omni-directional antennas

Wireless Transmit Power

  • 18 dBm(Typical)


  • 64×25.5×8.4 mm

Environment Requirement

  • Working Temperature: 0℃~45℃
  • Storage Temperature: -20℃~75℃
  • Working Humidity:10% ~ 90% RH Non-condensing
  • Storage Humidity:5% ~ 95% RH Non-condensing


  • 1200Mbps 11ac Wireless USB Adapter
  • Quick Installation Guide
  • CD driver
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