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RMA Request Form

Update time:  2016.05.24 

For customer who purchase directly from 7inova:

1.Contact sales person first, provide necessary details and pictures, confirm problem
2.Download the RMA Request Form

RMA Request Form.xls

3.Fill in the RMA Request Form, sending to your sales person to get RMA No. to deal with.
4.Sending requested RMA goods back to our provided address.

If you are end-user or you purchase goods through our distributors or wholesalers,please contact your local agent&vendors for repair or replacement.

Pay Attention:

Ø RMA has to be packed properly and safely, any physical damaged unit, is not in the warranty range.

Ø Our warranty time ranges from 12-14months,depends on the shipping way and transit period. Please check date carefully and assure the validity.

Ø RMA goods received without an RMA number will not be accepted and will be returned immediately.

Ø To assure your RMA be received by our company smoothly, please contact sales person in advance and arrange everything within our agreement.

Ø If you have any question, please feel free to contact with your Sales person.

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