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Wireless Communicate Life


Offer wirelss products designed to give users safe,portable,easy to use solutions.

Core Values

7inova's core value is its staff's core belief, is our inherent power into the future,and is a shared commitment for the future. It ensures that we can work together to provide consumers with the most convenient wireless products,achieve the vision of "Wireless Communicate Life"


Be a master in his own special field.Focus on Product development and innovative technology is 7inova's core. We adhere to the product, respond quickly to customer demand for the product. keep track of the direction of development of the wireless products and industry trends, provides safe,portable,easy to use wireless product.

Struggle & Innovation

We do not have any scarce resource to rely on.Passion and struggle are the driving force behind the 7inova created brilliant. Struggle includes every small activities that create value for customers and improve our capabilities. We are aggressive, Courage, and insisted on innovation.Driven by customer needs, we passionately pursue customer-centric innovations in an open manner.


We can only succeed through teamwork. By working closely in both good times and bad, we lay the foundation for successful cross-cultural collaboration, streamlined inter-departmental cooperation and efficient processes. Clear job responsibilities, a conducive work environment, scientific valuation and incentive system, guarantee our high-execution. Only with high-execution teamwork,7inova can go farther.

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