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What is a product’s soul? What is a company's core values? Several elites of experienced engineers, senior marketing sales in wireless network communication product field often think and discuss this topic together. Holding with common ideals, the consensus was reached finally : “Quality is our soul” and “Service is our culture”. Driven by this, 7INOVA was born.

The trademark: , devoted unlimited passion and expectation of the founderteam to 7INOVA company and its brand. Smart Wireless is our goal. Our team has an excellent gene for technology and service, so continuous innovation is our new supporting point. We expect everyday is on the path of innovations, dare to accept challenges.

From 2011, 7inova started from scratch, tasted failure, also enjoyed success. Until now, even our company and products have shortage, fart from the goal, we are still full of enthusiasm, keep reviewing shortcomings, let company thrive. It is a fact that on the way to our goal, we are making progress, never stop.

Home, commercial wireless roadmap based on Atheros plant

In the early stage, 7inova was dedicating in home-use wireless application line, which ranges from homeplug AV powerline to WiFi range extender, wireless router, wireless Lan adapter ect.. supplying portable, ease-of-use, differentiated wireless products globally. Now with the market’s huge demand for wireless coverage, 7inova swiftly keeps pace and enlarges R&D investment in commercial wireless coverage solution such as wireless ceiling AP, In-wall AP, outdoor CPE, AC control system, PoE switch, possess full range series of Qualcomm Atheros based plant, aims to provide comprehensive, tailored approaches to meet home, business and commercial wireless coverage requirements.

Up to now, we accumulated customers in over 70 countries globally, range from giant chain stores to brand owners, brand importer distributors.

Always Tailored to Customer

7inova is capable of providing complete end-to-end OEM/ODM solution for customer. Customers can fully participate in all chains with our professional designers, including product feature design, Appearance 3D design, ODM structure design, hardware layout design, customized Software design and personalized package design ect. We are able to offer products and solutions tailored to customer’s requirement.

‘Ease of Use’ & ‘Durability’

7inova has its own hardware, software design team. We persistently stick to the principle of “ease of use” and “Durability”, whether in R&D, Firmware design or raw material selection. We are designer, also we are end user, we know what users need and what make scared. We should never train customers to be tech-savvy, but continuously works on training technology to be your servant via fool-type operation.

Quality Is Our Culture

7inova’s professional manufacture division passed ISO9001 certification in manufacturing, ensures all the output are with solid structure, reliable and powerful performance. We have imported injection molding machine, advanced reliable testing equipment, SMT production line, auto /semi-automatic production line. We perform quality inspections at each stage of production, which comply with MIL-STD 105 and with an AQL of 1.0/2.5. All of our products comply with CE, Rohs.

Cost Competitive

7inova is very cost competitive, Thanks to strong partnership with our raw material suppliers and solution providers, with their full support, 7inova can deliver innovative products with high quality and low costs.

Be a Better 7inova

Now and in the future, 7inova will go on to maintain above core competencies, stay abreast of the wireless networking field, keep pace with the newest wireless technologies, pay high sensitivity to market requirement. For 7inova, improving is no endless.

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